County Championships

Following on from the previous week I knew our swimmers would swim well and they have done just that. Those who have been putting the work in have got their rewards with some super swims.

I’m not going to mention everyones PB as I will miss work tonight!

Last year at this block we won 6 gold’s and this year we have doubled that to win 12 gold’s.
New names are winning the gold’s with 9 different swimmers claiming the 12 gold medals.
100m Butterfly – Patrick Ikhena and Rhys Cox
200m Ind Medley – Reubeen Reed and Ben Pogson
50m Backstroke – Nathan Sargeant, Ben Pogson and Zak Lomas
100m Freestyle – Ben Pogson
200m Breaststroke – Sam Wright, Reuben Reed, Laura Swain and Rebecca Price

So with Reuben Reed in his first County Championships winning two gold’s he was considered for swimmer of the meet. Ben Pogson winning three Gold’s would normally get the honour with that performance but the
Swimmer of the Meet this time is Laura Swain for winning Gold in the 200m Breaststroke in a National qualifying time and there are plenty of swimmers who will tell you that National times are not easy to get!

Well done Laura!